Undeniably one of the most unique and sultry sounds of her time, Sade has been gaining fans and breaking records for over three decades. From her first of four Grammy Awards in 1986, through decades of multi-platinum albums, to the solid #1 spot in the Highest Grossing North American Tours in 2011, Sade has firmly established herself as one of the most adored Pop R&B artists of her time.

Cherish The Day pays tribute to this icon with sensual vocals, extraordinary musical talent, and an elegant, sophisticated show. Whether or not fans have had the rare opportunity to see Sade live, they will walk away from this show feeling like they have experienced the next best thing.


With the distinct look and voice of our lead vocalist, along with the high-level musicianship the band brings, this show is the absolute “Sade Experience” that fans have been waiting for. 


Cherish The Day is comprised of eight accomplished musicians with decades of touring, recording and performing experience. Individually, they have performed in a variety of national and international venues. Together, they have successfully re-created the signature sound that defines Sade, bringing you as close as possible to a genuine Sade experience. Cherish the Day exhibits a level of exceptional musicianship and showmanship unmatched by any other tribute.

Sade Stronger Than Pride Tribute.jpg
With multiple performance options, Cherish The Day has the flexibility to accommodate your unique entertainment needs. 
The INTIMATE Experience

Our Intimate Experience brings you up close to the vibe and unmistakable ambiance inherent in Sade's music.  This quartet captures the essence of the music perfectly and translates into an elegant show ideal for smaller venues, weddings and private events.